Samsung Blames Batteries For Galaxy Note 7 Fire Incidents

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Banned From Use On Planes As Officials Fear Explosions

Samsung is now blaming poorly designed and manufactured batteries for the overheating problems that caused some of its Galaxy Note 7 phones to catch fire.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 Banned From All American Flights

The design and production of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s batteries caused the mobile phones to catch fire, the South Korean company said on Monday.

“Our investigation, as well as investigations completed by three independent industry organisations, concluded that the batteries were found to be the cause of the Note 7 incidents.

“Some 700 engineers examined 200,000 devices and 30,000 batteries during the investigation into the cause of the fires,’’ Samsung said in a statement.

This is the world’s largest smartphone maker’s second attempt at explaining what went wrong with the flagship phone after months of investigations.

The first time around, Samsung (SSNLF) blamed the problem on one of its battery suppliers, but its initial response failed to stop the reports of fires and it was eventually forced to kill the product entirely.

The Fat Lady Has Sung For Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7

Samsung began selling the phone on August 19, but said in October it was discontinuing production following a global recall and multiple reports of some of the devices catching fire.

The discontinuation of production was estimated to cost the South Korean tech giant 3.5 trillion won (three billion dollars) in operating profit from the fourth quarter of 2016 through the first quarter of 2017.

Samsung Suspends Sales Of Galaxy Note 7 Worldwide After Battery Explosion | Promises Replacement

The 940-dollar device was aimed at the premium end of the market, where it was intended to compete with Apple’s iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Banned From Use On Planes As Officials Fear Explosions

Over one million phones were recalled.



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