Adolf Hitler’s Personal Phone Sells For £195,000

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The personal phone belonging to Adolf Hitler, also assumed as the phone with which he used to dictate many of his deadly Second World War commands has been sold at an auction for £195,000.

The phone was presented to Hitler by the Wehrmacht and according to the description by the auction house, was “Hitler’s mobile device of destruction” and “the primary tool used by the most evil man in history”.

The Siemens phone had a swastika (Adolf Hitler’s notable insignia), an eagle and Adolf Hitler’s name engraved onto the back.


British officer Ralph Rayner recovered the phone from Hitler’s bunker while visiting Berlin just a few days after the end of the war, according to Rayner’s personal account and shipping documents from that time period, according to the auction house. His son Ranulf Rayner, 82, inherited the phone after his father’s death in 1977. “My father didn’t see it as a relic of Hitler’s glory days, more a battered remnant of his defeat, a sort of war trophy,” he said. “He never thought it would become an important artifact.”

The unnamed bidder placed his winning bid by phone.

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