Photos: Camon CX Journeyed the Colonial History of the Middle Belts and the Urban Lifestyle of the Centre of Excellence

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The Camon CX Journeyed and told a story, from the amazing “kilishi” cuisines of the country’s capital; the Colonial History of the Middle Belts and the Urban lifestyle of the Centre of Excellence.

The adventure teams are back! And they can’t seem to stop talking about their amazing experiences and how warm and receptive Nigerians are to not just the TECNO brand but to travelers.

The Team A’s lead said “Lokoja wrapped us into its loving arms the moment we stepped into the confluence land of Kogi State- its’ embrace was motherly and we felt its pure warmth”.

However, the story was not different for people in Team B, that toured through the south-south, south-east and the Centre of Excellence while Team A explored the North Central and Western part of the country.

Whispering Palms Resort – Badagry

“Oh, my goodness, Nigeria is astonishing…” this statement has been on the lips of everyone that participated in the tour.

If there is anything the #CXSelfieChallenge tour has taught anyone, it’s that we are so much alike; we are all essentially Nigerians despite the slight cultural differences.

As Nigerians and as humans whatever their differences may be; it dissipates once we connect with nature. And nature was the ultimate mission of the #CXSelfieChallenge tour team!


The pictures from Team B’s visit to the Isaac Boro Park and Air Assault Golf Course in Portharcourt and Team A’s visit to the oldest primary school in Northern Nigeria and the Lord Lugard’s resting place at Mount Patti, Lokoja where a statue of him standing beside Flora Shaw – (the woman who coined the name “Nigeria”) are indeed favorites for history freaks.

Nollywood directors should take a que from CAMON tours when they are looking for places to take epic shots because personally the CAMON tour has been an eye opener to how culturally rich my country Nigeria is.

Anyone would wish they were selected for the tour, because cruising round the blissful cities of Lokoja, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Osun, Owerri and Lagos and creatively capturing the beautiful souls of nature and the universe around us with a group of crazy and adventurous minded people is just the dream!!!

The tour which entailed meeting the CXSelfieChallenge winners and doing a photowalk of every visited city, trended at No 5 on twitter for more than 35 hours during the period of the tour. This feat is only possible in Nigeria if indeed the subject is worth the while; so, I guess TECNO stole the country’s attention through the face of nature.

Several images and reports have been shared online and if you think you were dumbfounded by the astounding shots captured by the CAMON CX during the tour then, get a couch and relax let me blow you away with seen and never seen before images of the #CXSelfieChallenge tour.

It’s very important to note that every image was captured with the dual 16MP camera of the TECNO CAMON CX.

First Yoruba Bible in Nigeria – Badagry

First Building in Nigeria – Badagry
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  1. Talking about exposing our deep cultural background and showing the strength of the Camon CX’s camera. This is great stuff.

  2. Good thing about this tour is that it has brought historical places to our attention. And the pictures are of high quality too.

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