The Solutions To The Skin Problems You Can Have From Working Out

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We have heard of all the advantages of working out and how great it is for the body but little is said of the skin problems they create. Exercising is good for the body but it can take a toll on your skin and create a number of challenges. Here are a number of challenges working out can create and the effective ways to manage them.

Working out in the tropics can be tedious, especially if you’re light skinned. While sunscreens are supposed to come to the rescue, it is quite easy for it to be forgotten especially when it comes to outdoor exercise sessions. More so, applying them inappropriately means they do not offer the protection they should. Ideally, they should be applied 30 minutes before the commencement of a workout to prevent you from sweating off all the SP50 that should offer protection as soon as you start exercising.

This commonly comes up as a result of the accumulation of sweat and dirt during work outs. The sweat and dirt blocks the pores and invites pimples that break out on your face. What makes post-exercise acne difficult is the they are not just confined to the face, as tight and sweaty clothes trap bacteria which may spark breakouts across your chest and back. The solution to this challenge is simple and all you need to do is shower immediately after workout to wash off the dirt and sweat.

Infection Of The Skin
Whether outdoor exercise or gym exercises, you’re exposed to a lot of bacteria especially at the latter where you have hundreds of sweaty bodies dripping all over the machines. Be sure to thoroughly wipe down every piece of equipment you use with antibacterial wipes. This will help reduce the chances of getting a serious infection but irritating rashes may come up. Do your best to keep equipment clean and wash your hands after you’re finished grappling with the handlebars on the treadmill or pulldown machine.

Sweat Rash And Chafing
Running will allow your thighs to regularly rub against each other which may result in chafing – a reaction between sweat and friction. Workouts during heat periods may also cause sweat rash: tiny red dots popping up in areas that are prone to overheating. Rubbing vaseline in areas that are prone to chafing and sweat rash before the start of exercises and washing the tender areas gently with cool water and soap afterwards, can help fight and drive sweat away from such areas.

Athlete’s Foot
This is a type of skin infection common in people that workout regularly. A fungal bacteria which causes scaly skin and a burning feeling between the toes, is responsible for Athlete’s foot and it can be accompanied with warts and toenail infections. Ensure that slippers are worn during showers and dry your feet completely afterwards. Some over-the-counter antifungal creams can help battle the menace this infection creates.



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