Man Kills Friend, Tells Court He Thought The Victim Was An Alien

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A 32-year-old Swiss art dealer, Bennet von Vertes has been sentenced to jail for more than 12 years after being found guilty of murdering a friend he believed to be an alien.

According to the defendant, he was under the influence of a cocktail of drugs and alcohol at the time of the incident.

The court heard that the victim, 23-year-old Alex Morgan was a guest at von Vertes’s family home in  December 2014. The pair had met while studying business administration at Regent’s College in London in 2011.

After a night out in Zurich, they returned home in the early hours of the morning where they got into a fight. During the tussle, von Vertes stabbed his friend with a broken piece of glass before beating him to death with a candlestick holder.

Bennet Von Vertes admitted the murder but insisted that hallucinations, brought about by a cocktail of cocaine and ketamine, made him believe his friend was an alien who was trying to kill him.


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