5 Tips That Can Make You Have A Memorable Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

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One thing that has increasingly became popular over the years among couples all over the world are pre-wedding photo shoots. It is for a good reason that pre-amp photo shoots tend to serve as a brilliant practice for the wedding day and a good way to know if your photographer has the capabilities to handle your wedding day.

Pre-wedding shoots can also offer new and exciting experience for you and your partner even though to a lot of people the concept of an engagement shoot is still relatively new and a common question couples ask is “how do I prepare for one?” So, here are a number of tips that can help you have some of the best pre-wedding shoots ever.

Do Some Research
If you’re confused as to the meaning of pre-amp shoots or ‘engagement shoot’, browse the internet for a list of photographers and take a look at some of the engagement shoots they’ve done in the past to provide you with an idea of what they can give you. If you’re in need of inspiration or ideas to help your photographer, Google is your best friend.

Own The Shoot
The key to feeling comfortable during your pre-wedding shoot is to match it with your likes and your person. Engagement shoots have no specific rules as there are no right or wrong way to do them. to who you are and what you like.

If you’re uncomfortable with posing for photos, then find an activity that will make you both happy. It’s your shoot and, much like your wedding day, it should reflect you as a couple and be fun!

Choose Meaningful Locations 
Locations are as important as the actual photographs. Getting the right location for your pre-wedding shoot will mentally help you and make your experience much more enjoyable. Familiar locations will instantly make you feel much better about your whole experience.

Whether it was were you proposed, a place where you guys enjoy taking a walk or a place that has really nice aesthetics, the choice of location is entirely up to you and where you decide should make you comfortable and happy.

Dress Up!
Your choices of outfits are important in making you and your partner look your best in your pre-wedding shoot look. Treat your engagement shoot as a special occasion and do your best to avoid turning up in an old pair of crinkled clothes or stained t-shirt.

This however doesn’t mean you should do so much that your personality won’t be reflected in your dressing, you should ensure that you look most confident in whatever clothes you decide to wear. You should however remember to pick outfits that compliment each other and look great together. There’s no need for matchy outfits, just dress within the same style and colour scheme, and your photos will look amazing!

Remember that your pre-wedding shoot offers you an opportunity to get some beautiful non-wedding photographs of the two of you without the stress of having wedding guests to get back to. Utilise the most of the opportunity!

Do Your Hair and Make-Up On The Same Day
Having your hair and make-up done on the same day will make you look flawless in the pictures when they come out. A key to beautiful pictures is looking as flawless as possible and you should jeopardise this for any reason.

Relax And Enjoy!
Your engagement shoot is a test run for your big day as you will be photographed a lot during the wedding. Make sure you relax and play around as much as you can. Laugh as you practise different posing skills and make it an experience.

It’s common for couples who have never been professionally photographed before to feel anxious and awkward at the beginning of the photo shoot. Don’t stress it as you will soon get a hang of it. Just focus on each other and forget about the camera. Enjoy yourselves, trust your photographer and have a great time!



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