Omg!!! She Wasn’t Feeling Me Until She Discovered My Spark

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There I was relaxing on a cold wet evening at Freedom Park on the Island when I suddenly noticed this slim tall and strikingly beautiful lady sitting all alone. Her gazes were pretty harmless and subtle just as she maintained the pace at which she kept reaching out for her pack of chips without showing any sign of absentmindedness.

After understudying her for sometime, I was able to gather intel from one of the waiters that she had a routine of sitting out on such evenings practically enjoying her own company all alone. Excited at the intel, I summed courage to walk up to her corner hoping I would succeed in striking a conversation that will give me leeway in the long run. Upon granting my request to join her table, I began to initiate conversations across different lines but she just wouldn’t find my talks or me interesting.

Surprisingly, in the middle of my blabbing my phone began to ring. After a series of rings, I reluctantly brought it out of my pants and dropped it on the table as if to say, I do not want to be distracted by anyone. Interestingly, it was phone on the table that broke her silence. After staring at my phone for a few seconds she asked, “which device is this? It is quite slender and beautiful”. Yea right, she is finally speaking to me, I said to myself. Without any hesitation, I decided to pick up our conversation across that line. I told her it was the latest mid-range smartphone in town called the TECNO SPARK. I continued to give her insights about the device’s functionality and design with emphasis on the spectacular camera specifications and quality.

Trust ladies, immediately she heard about the camera’s proficiency, she asked if she could experience the device, which I wholeheartedly approved of. After fiddling my phone for sometime, capturing some interesting shots and selfies, she became very friendly and open to further discussions. That evening, we had some good laughs and shared a couple of drinks before I began to mime an ongoing song – when she heard me singing, she screamed, “wow you have a great voice”. The evening ended on a very high note with both of us as friends and I couldn’t help but thank my SPARK device and exceptional singing prowess for opening the door to Prisca’s heart.

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