All The Reasons Why Giving Up Alcohol Is The Best Life Decision

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It is hard to deny the fact that alcohol has inherent benefits but one thing drinkers fail to admit is that the bad outweighs the good when it comes to drinking.

The euphoria and fake confidence you get from consuming alcohol can never be compared to the good that comes with abstaining from alcohol for a certain period of time. Here are some of the reasons why you’d be glad you did.

It Will Reduce Your Expenses
If you’re the type that takes a bottle of beer now and again after work, bottles of wine at weekends with friends and cans of alcoholic beverages at home and during recreation, staying off drinking can sure help you to cut down on your expenses.

Add up all the money you spend on these drinks and you’d know it’s a fortune that can be better invested in other things. More so, staying off alcohol for some weeks can help reduce your tolerance levels till you become a social drinker, while saving you some money.

An Overall Improvement In Your Health
Staying away from alcohol can help to improve your cholesterol, reduce your blood pressure, lower your blood glucose and generally improve your health. More so, the health of your liver will significantly improve and your risk of developing diabetes will reduce.

Moreover, removing alcohol from your diet will cut down your calories, help you reduce weight and make your skin shine better (alcohol dehydrates the skin and causes acne and redness).

Staying off alcohol can also have a placebo effect on you, where you feel healthier as a result of making healthy lifestyle choices that will not only have a positive effect on your health but also on all areas of your life.

You Will Have A Clearer Mind
Believe it or not, alcohol is toxic and taking a break from it will make your mind feel clearer, especially if you’re sleeping better.

Setting a goal and sticking too it will also strengthen your willpower, and staying off the bottle can force you to socialise without the assistance of liquid courage in such a way that it will boost your confidence.

And of course, you won’t have to go through the embarrassment of explaining to your ex all the things you said when you called or texted her while you were drunk.

You Will Sleep Better
Alcohol tends to disrupt sleep and will make you feel stressed the morning after due to hangover. Having a good night’s sleep helps to improve mental performance and a cue to this is staying off alcohol.

Moreover, you can easily get out of bed to prepare for work or even a workout, which will be beneficial for your pocket and health respectively. Having a hangover-free day will help you see things more clearly than you have in years, especially if you’ve been a drunkard for most part.

The downside of staying off the bottle completely for sometime are few and relatively far between. Reverting back to the bottle after staying off it won’t do your body much good.

Staying away from alcohol can make you become self aware of the things you take into your body and if that’s the way for you to expose bad habits and make healthier decisions, be happy that you’ve laid the foundation for permanent positive change.



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