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CATCH.ER is the brand-new crime drama by Walter ‘Waltbanger’ Taylaur, currently available in Nigerian cinemas after its debut at the NollywoodWeek in Paris and Nollywood Travel Festival in Toronto.

O.C Ukeje plays Detective Komolafe of the New Police Division, Ikoyi, who successfully leads an investigation into the murder of Abby Bello, a 30yr old newlywed and ambitious career woman slain in her home.

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“Walter has a way of capturing moments from intriguing angles, focusing on certain subjects and objects to drive home a point, something I also really enjoyed in Gbomo Gbomo Express.  Then there’s the transitioning as the tale unfolds; an area that needs so much work in Nollywood, but is executed really well with an underlying score that elevates the mood and flow of the film.”-

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“” is an ensemble in the best sense: everyone has something to offer. also provides an interesting character in Inspector Komolafe, played by OC Ukeje. He displays impressive wit and cunning, while shooting off humorous one-liners that keep the audience going.” – Pulse Movie Review

Watch the CATCH.ER trailer below
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