The ONLY Infinix Hot 5 Review You’ll Ever Need to Read

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Infinix Hot 5

Infinix is the brand that is well loved among young folks – it is the way the brand is being communicated and perceived. Out of every 10-university student you’ll run into 7 of them are using Infinix. The remaining 3 are on iPhone, TECNO, Samsung, Nokia and the other brands.

Infinix Hot 5

The Infinix Hot 5 is called the Mobile Cinema. It sports a 5.5 HD screen and it is a 2 GB RAM device. As a rule of thumb, anything below 2 GB of RAM on an Android device is a total entry level device that will struggle to do multitasking–social media, emails, photography, gaming and movies without lagging behind. Kudos to Infinix for delivering a 2 GB RAM Hot 5.

First, let’s quickly run through the specs that make the phone stand out:

Fingerprint Scanner — for extra layer of security, 16 GB + 2 GB of RAM, a 4000 mAh battery (that’s enough power to last you more than a day on full charge), 8 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera (I know you are already asking how good is the front and back camera. More on that later), and it runs Android 7.0 covered with Infinix XOS UI–customised.

What do we have in the box?

The Infinix Hot 5, a charger, micro USB cable that works with the charger, earphones, and a style ring that will beautify your device and can act as a stand for the device when watching movies.

Let’s forget about rhetoric and dive straight in.

First look at the Hot 5
On opening the phone, the XOS has a pretty UI that I love. The icons are not huge, the neat UI beats that of TECNO’s HiOS hands down. Infinix did not just build monstrous battery, but took care to ensure it is laced with a pretty user interface.

I know people who swear by the physical screen function keys. That is missing here. You only have on screen function keys. The advantage of the onscreen functional keys is that you won’t accidentally hit on the function keys when watching movies or playing games while using the phone in landscape mode.

The volume rocker and the power key is on the same side, while the left-hand side of the phone has nothing. However, the 3.5mm audio jack is at the awkward position where music lovers won’t find it the easiest–the base of the phone is the best place to have it.

A device for movie lovers
I downloaded a video and cranked the volume all the way up and it delivered. Loud enough when using the loudspeaker during a movie and crispy clear as well. One question I know you might have is, how clear will the screen be when you are watching movie outdoor when the sun is shining? Very clear and sharp.

I will recommend you download VLC, the number one movie app on Android phone (by me).

How does the phone camera stack up?
The two things people value the most in a phone is the battery and the camera. The Hot 5 delivers with its 4000 mAh battery. How about the camera?

Students will normally use the camera of their phone to capture note or take a picture of what is written on the board. The Hot 5 delivers on all these fronts. Close up images comes out very sharp and images take from afar do not lose details when zoomed. However, you will not get optical image stabilization (OIS) here. You need to ensure your hands are very stable when shooting images to prevent them from being blurry.

Here are examples of some images captured with the Hot 5.

[Close-up image of the smoothie and images from the roof of the building]

Infinix Hot 5

One app I will recommend you download is Office Lens and it is FREE. With it, you can push the boundaries of the camera as a scanning device.

Battery Capacity and Network
The battery of the Hot 5 will carry you for a whole day with a single charge and you will have some juice left. This is possible on moderate use. But if you are watching movie and using social media 8/10 hours in a day, don’t expect this to happen. You are however assured of a smooth experience with the battery and no need for panic charging of phone or carry your charger everywhere you go. Ensure you are using the charger that comes with the box to enjoy the fast charge feature and improve the battery life of your phone.

You can get up to 42Mbps speed on the Hot 5. But it is only supports up to 3G. You will not get LTE or 4G here. But not to worry, you can connect to 4G via Wi-Fi and enjoy optimal speed.

Extra Layer of Security; Finger print Scanner
No two people have the same fingerprint. You can secure your phone with the fingerprint to improve the security of your phone. The fingerprint scanner is comfortably placed and the back of the phone and reachable with ease even if your hands are as small as mine.

At 37,500 NGN, the Infinix Hot 5 is a good buy any day. But if what you are looking for is a phone that is pretty, this might not be your choice. The phone is however not ugly, and it delivers as a good camera, retains a lot of power through the day and an awesome entertainment device. I recommend you buy the phone.

Review submitted by: Danjuma Okoro

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