The Mistakes You Should Stop Making At Work

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Work can become boring at times but it is important that you do all you can to lift your spirits as your first hour in the office can go a long way in setting the tone of how the rest of your day at work looks like.

If you’re hoping to have a good day at work, here are a number of things you should avoid between the hours of 8 and 10 am to have a fulfilling and interesting day.

Getting Late To Work
Don’t be tempted to follow the words of your boss when he says you can set your own schedule. No matter how late you stay after your colleagues have gone, there’s a chance that you’d be seen as the guy that arrives an hour late to work.

Added to the fact that you will be perceived as less diligent and committed than the other workers, it’s best you do your best to arrive early. As such, the things that stop you from getting to work early, such as cooking, can best be done a night before.

You should also consider investing money in an alarm clock that is so loud, that it will jolt you from your bed and help you subconsciously realise how important arriving early is.

Consuming Coffee
There’s a high level of the stress hormone- cortisol when you wake up from sleep in the morning and a bad thing for you to do is to increase it by consuming Coffee in the morning.

It’s best for you to avoid drinking coffee in the morning or at best wait till 10 am in the morning. Coffee contain caffeine and consuming it when your body is alert with the high levels of cortisol will dull the effect on your body. If you want to stay sharp, it’s best to have your first coffee dose later in the morning between 10 to 11.

Not Greeting Your Colleagues
One thing that will do you a lot of favour at work is to stay as jovial and friendly as possible. No one is willing to do a grumpy person that walks into the office building without so much as greeting or making an attempt at small talk a favour.

Show a bit of interest in the general affairs of you colleagues and you’d be surprised at how much it will be of help to you. Saying ‘Hi, how was your weekend?’ points at your social skills an this can incredibly increase the way your colleagues see you and the other technical talents you may have.

Getting Caught Up With Messages
Theres a high chance you will have a lot of work waiting for you from the minute you sit at your desk but its best you avoid sifting through them right away. Start by attending to the urgent ones and immediately clear them off your desk.

You can attend to the rest as the day goes by according to how important they fall on your scale of priorities.

Tackling the wrong tasks first

Your mind’s at its freshest as soon as you sit down at your desk so sink your teeth into challenging tasks that demand your sharp focus. Think carefully about spending most of your productive time on easy errands and tasks that will take the time you could jave spent on better activities.

Concentrate on only one job at a time — starting the day by multitasking can take your attention so much that you could start the day on a rough note.



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