The Hidden Tips That Can Help You Master Apple’s ios10

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With the release of every new mobile operating system, a set of new features come with it and Apple’s iOS 10 is no different.

A number of improvements came with the iOS10 and it is essential you understand some of the hidden tips that can help you navigate your phone better.

Apple’s iOS10 didn’t have a smooth rollout as iPhone owners encountered bricked iPhones, or at the very least, updates that malfunctioned and required iTunes to complete.

Apple says 79 percent of all the iPhones and iPads out there now are running iOS 10 with 16 percent on iOS 9, and 5 percent apparently not caring about their security at all.

However, chances are you missed out on a few great new features. These tips cover some of iOS10’s unique offerings.

Kill Unused Apple Apps
The greatest news from iOS 10 is you no longer have to keep the apps that Apple pre-loads on all its iPhones. You can now delete them the same way you delete any app you don’t want.

Simply hold a finger on the icon until they all go wiggly, then click the X that appears in the upper left of the app. You can reinstall them anytime via the App Store.

However, removing some apps will affect others. Deleting the iBooks, Maps, Music, or Podcast apps, for example, will affect how the CarPlay works.

Easy Notification Clearance
When your notifications are overwhelming, you can clear them all at once—not just per app.

This however works best with iPhone 6s or higher with 3D Touch. All you need do is tap and hold the X at the top, then select “Clear All Notifications.”

Get to Camera Quick
The camera of the iPhone is one of its wonders. Previous versions of iOS made getting to the camera app semi-easy via either Control Center or even just swiping up from the lock screen.

In iOS 10 it’s even faster. From the lock screen, swipe left anywhere. Instant camera access.

Draw Your Message
Interestingly, you can only get to the Slam or loud effects in Messages when the iPhone is in portrait orientation.

All you need do is turn your device 90 degrees to landscape and you can’t access them. You can however get access to the new full-screen drawing option for hand-writing messages.

If it doesn’t automatically come up, hit the curly-cue key at bottom right of the keyboard. You will see a few pre-hand-written missives like “Happy birthday”.

Quick Reply to Messages
Double tapping any incoming message to get the quick-reply pop-up menu for a “tapback” is a thing of the past with the iOS10.

All you need do is pick a heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, “ha ha,” double exclamation or a question mark—that icon then shows up on the sender’s original message so they know your quick reaction. Non-iMessage users get a text saying something different.

Edit Images in Messages
There has always been a camera icon in messages so you could attach pictures or videos, either by taking a new pic or adding from the Photo Gallery. In iOS10, you can mark up or edit the image.

As a matter of fact, you can use the new drawing option to start the camera and make a video of yourself or other things that interest you.

The lines can be vectorized—draw a square, it’ll turn it into a perfect square; the same goes for lines and circles and ovals. You can use a magnifier to highlight important parts and even zoom for more detail.

Raise to Wake
You used to have to unlock a screen to get notifications. But on iPhone 6s, SE, or 7, the phone springs to life with notifications—or when you lift the phone, a feature known as Raise to Wake.

While this feature can be annoying, you can turn it off by navigating to Settings > Display and Brightness > Raise to Wake. Older phones lack the motion coprocessor to make this happen, so you won’t see it in settings.

Access New Emoji
There were 100 new emoji in the default emoji keyboard that came with iOS 10. iOS 10.2 however added 38 more with many skin tone variations, for a total of 2,373 emoji options.

A lot of them include new designs. New options include “crossed fingers”, a “call me” hand signal, and the all-important avocado for setting up guacamole dates.

Convert Text to Emoji
If you type a message and write out words that have an emoji equivalent, Messages will highlight the words you could swap out for an emoji in an orangey red. You can simply tap it to pick the emoji you want.

Sleep Better
The Clock app now has a Bedtime tab. Set it up with the hours of sleep you wish to get and your mandatory wake time. The app will start a wind-down process for you so you’ll know when you should go to bed.



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