#BBNaija 2018 Day 68: The Food And Water Fights

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With the return of Khloe to the #bbnaija house, accusations of food going missing and fights have resurfaced and somewhat become a norm. However, the Head of House may not be entirely responsible for the foodies’ claims.

For one, while Khloe was away, the #bbnaija Housemates food dynamics had revealed patterns of dependence between those that had voracious appetites and those that were keen about feeding others.

Besides it was Rico swavey who had had become the resident chef to his hungry peers. To his credit, Rico is the only #bbnaija Housemate to have summoned his peers over their waste of food.

Yet fights over food had become a permanent fixture in the House. Take the Evicted Housemates Teddy A and Bambam whose quarrel over missing chicken will go down in the #BBNaija history as quite memorable for Teddy A’s scorning of his sweetheart over a piece of food.

Even Alex who accused Khloe for the alleged rise in food fights had also proven to be a cheeky one, after suggesting to Teddy A to cover up for their mischief of eating Bambam’s meat.

Let us not forget the notable bickering that went back and forth between Cee-C and Nina over a plate of food. Even Lolu unusually was drawn into one of these fights.

On a number of times, Big brother had tried to calm the food fervours of the #bbnaija housemates with not much success. Ninjas were sent in to take food from them, bizarre Tasks were instructed to them, but none of these seemed to work.

When it comes to food, there are no amount of compliments and appreciation that can make this House a more peaceful one. In essence food fights have come to be a way to indirectly vent to each other.

Interestingly though, the #bbnaija Housemates have not once had a quarrel over the drinks and alcohol that has flown in the House. As for Khloe, it looks like she really enjoys cooking, having relieved Rico from his duties since her return.

Food may also be her own way of showing love to those around her. As much as she doesn’t like people meddling in her cooking, it may well be that the #bbnaija Housemates have been too afraid to tell her that they don’t like her cooking.



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