Facts with Kulqee: 4 Steps To Having A Great Stage Performance As An Entertainer

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Facts with Kulqee

Every entertainer has three (3) basic aspects of their brand; performance on set, performance on stage and real-life expressions. While most people tend to focus on one aspect and neglect others, legends carry all along. They dish out amazing materials on set, give fans a raw connection on stage and keep their day-to-day activities as clean and honest as possible.

            An entertainer’s main product is his or herself, so it takes wisdom to sell yourself all around and not your materials alone. Your materials can make you trend for days, weeks, months or maybe years, but what imprints your name in the history books is nothing but your ability to sell yourself. By this I mean, selling your entire lifestyle; from waking up to brushing your teeth, hitting the studio, visiting nightclubs, showing up for live performances, relationship with family, connecting with fans on and off social media platforms, etc.

            Being able to perform on stage is a skill that all entertainers should master if they wish to be successful in the entertainment industry. Here are a few points on how to perform well on stage! Stage presence can be innate, and luckily, for most of us, it can also be taught. Not everyone comes out of the womb with the ability to woo thousands of people

In these steps, you will learn a few ways to prepare you for the stage;


Stage performance is totally not about you. First things first, you need to knock out the mindset of trying to ascertain if you are killing it or not. It’s your duty to serve me a meal, but not your duty to tell me the taste as your taste buds and mine aren’t the same.  In fact, you’re the last person who matters when you’re up on that stage.

      You are not the boss, the fans are. They are the ones paying millions to watch you perform and ensure you put food on your table, so you got to please them. You are nothing but a servant whose work is to please the boss. In a typical nollywood movie, the fans are the kings and you are just the guy beside blowing the flute to cheer him up.

Take every opportunity to practice. Practice will make you feel confident at a big show, and the more venues you get to play in, the better. Practice alone at home, practice with your band, practice in front of the mirror, play for your mom, your friends, anyone who will listen. The more practice, the less of chance you’ll mess up when it counts. ]Get lots of experience playing different shows. Don’t wait around for a big opportunity to present itself. Look for little gigs at local, smaller venues that feature your musical style. It’s a great way to build confidence, and also a lot of fun. For actors, practice your lines until you can recite them in your sleep. The more comfortable you feel with the logistical parts of your performance such as lines and body movements, the more you can focus on being emotionally convincing and adopting your character’s persona on stage.


 This might conflict with the first point but don’t let it. In as much as the fans are the boss, you don’t need to be intimidated by them or too anxious to please them. Be relaxed and be in control.  Always remember that though the fans are the boss, you never begged them to be your fan, they chose you because you’re a star. They saw greatness and success in you and that’s why they employed you to entertain them. So you are actually the best they have and it’s only you that could give them the necessary excitement, fun, and entertainment they desire. Belief in yourself and take advantage of the stage. Maximize it, control it and own like the Star that you are.


Learn from the greats. Watch and attend performances of bands, actors, or dances that you idolize. See what kinds of tricks and riffs musicians use on stage, and mimic some of their best techniques. You can only get better by understanding what already exists. You can only be sure you are thinking out of the box if you are aware of the contents of the box. Study the behaviors of actors and dancers that captivate audiences, and adopt their body language. Remember, the point is not to steal what has been done, but to learn from past successes and create something unique out of them.  If you cannot make it to live events, watch YouTube performances. Watch videos of your favorite bands, actors, and dancers to get tips on movements and styles. You can also try watching bad performances as a way to internalize what not to do on stage.


Be nice enough to carry your audience along. Be calm and composed else they will notice your lack of confidence. Conquer your mind and avoid being nervous.


Written by Onyema Courage
Instagram: @iam_kulqee | Twitter: @iam_kulqee

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