3 Tips That Can Help You Take More Beautiful Selfies

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Selfies have come into our consciousness and made a permanent stay, so much so that billions of them are taken from smartphones daily.

While it is sometimes difficult to be the best judge of which of the Selfies we take bring out our best look, which most times makes the pictures that appear on our social media pages and dating apps cringe-worthy and below par, we can adopt certain tips to get the best possible pictures.

The good news is that a recent study conducted in German and published in Frontiers in Psychology has come up with the best and worst possible ways to take a selfie. The first study conducted saw the researchers show 14 different 3D faces to 172 participants from different perspectives.

The perspectives included from above, below, from the left and the right at two different angles, and frontal which all helped determine how attractive the picture are and the inner qualities that can be deduced from them.

Don’t Look Straight At The Camera
The research discovered that while a lot of people instinctively look straight-on at the camera, it doesn’t do much good to do so, especially if you’re thinking of using the selfie as a profile picture on a dating app.

The pictures that had very good rating of attractiveness from the study were those in which the faces of the subjects were tilted to their right side at a 15 degrees angle to reveal more of the left side of their faces.
On the other hand, the researchers found that faces that were tilted at a 30 degrees angle to the left, to reveal more of the right side of the face were perceived as been more intelligent and sympathetic.

The researchers also had 67 people rate the same faces during a second study but altered things by imitating selfie conditions in which the pictures were manipulated in such a way that they looked like they were shot using different camera tilts and rotations.

They discovered that the pictures were deemed more attractive by viewers.

The Camera Tilt Angle
The camera tilt angle has been discovered to increase the attractiveness of a selfie. Camera tilts of 30 degrees in both directions led to higher attractiveness ratings, especially when people were rating men.

Selfies that showed the left side of the face were considered slightly more attractive than those that showed the right side.
The ideal technique however seems to be to lift your phone camera and rotate it. When the camera is elevated and tilted before taking a selfie, the personalities of such people were rated as being more helpful and more attractive.

They were also considered especially attractive when the right side of their faces were seen from above.

Snap The Left Side Of Your Face
The authors of the study concluded that they weren’t sure why pictures taken from the left side of the face was more attractive but concluded that people were better at reading emotions from the left side of faces.

As such, if you’re thinking of putting up a picture on your dating app and social media pages, it’s best you do so from an angle of 30 degrees. The results of the different angles were however mixed, but it was concluded that holding your phone up and to your right or face-level and to your left seem like good bets.

Stay off the full, straight-on stare and you’d be glad you did.



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