Do You Have Back Pains Or Any Other Body Pains? Here Are Recommended Sleeping Positions For You

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Back pains, heartburn, wrinkles and other body pains can be very frustrating, especially when you have no idea what you need to do to alleviate them. Not to worry, we have put together a guide to help you figure out how to lie down and obtain optimal health for these conditions.

Back Pain
Sleeping wrong could do your spine major damage. The trick to reducing back pain is keeping your spine in its natural curve. The best way to achieve this is to lie on your back or side with a pillow strategically placed to take stress off your lower back.

A lot of people can attest to feeling comfortable on their back if there’s a pillow behind their knees, or between the knees if they’re on their side. This sleeping position can help to relieve back pain.

When your stomach valve relaxes enough to let acid come up into the oesophagus, the burning sensation of acid reflux you feel causes heartburn. Studies have shown that sleeping on your left side helps heartburn symptoms, likely because it doesn’t let that valve open as easily.

You can however use gravity to your advantage by keeping your upper body elevated with a wedge-shaped pillow. Acid will more likely go back down quicker if your body is elevated.

However, it is best to use a pillow that tapers down from about eight to ten inches. This is because simply stacking flat pillows will engage your abs and increase pressure on your stomach.

Shoulder pain
Sleeping on the side where you are not experiencing pain can help but you you at turn around while you sleep and put more pressure on the painful shoulder.

Some mattresses help by reducing pressure on the joints of your shoulders or hips, but if it’s firm or stiff, you may feel like laying on the floor and experiencing discomfort, causing you to shift positions. Instead, start on your back or stomach instead to lessen your chance of ending in an uncomfortable spot.

Neck pain
The right set of pillows will keep your head even with your shoulders, which will inadvertently reduce neck pain during the night. It is best to find a stack height that stops you from straining your neck up or down.

You however should be careful not to use too many pillows. While they may feel comfortable, your head in relation to your neck may be altered causing more problems.

Knee Pain
A lot of knee pain is from when legs are touching each other. To reduce knee pain, you can put a pillow or something else soft between your legs to reduce the contact.

It is best to sleep on your side to reduce snoring. On your back, gravity pushes everything back into the airways and makes the airways smaller with disturbances in airflows. Elevate your head with two or three pillows to help drainage go down more easily too.



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