How To Save Money When Travelling To A New Place

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When you are travelling to a new place, you are probably wondering how you can avoid being Ripped off and how to save a bit of money. Here are a number of tips to help you cut down on your expenses and save some money when travelling to a new place.

Pay In The Local Currency
A lot of credit and debit cards come with international transaction fees but you can minimize them if you run your card in the currency of the country you are visiting.

For example, if you’re in Europe and your card currency is Naira, ask the hotel to charge in EUR and not in Naira. If you pay in the local currency, the international transaction fee charged by your bank will be much less.

The same rule should be applied to cash. If you’re travelling internationally, go to the bank or ATM in the country you’re visiting rather than the conversion centers at the airport which tend to charge large fees. You won’t get charged as many fees at the ATM or bank, and the conversion will be exact.

Avoid Booking At The Last Minute
Booking at the last minute is one of the worst travel mistakes anyone can make. It can cost you about 40 percent more on average for both domestic and international trips.

However, if a last-minute booking is unavoidable, you can minimize financial penalties by shifting the dates of your trip. According to new research from Hopper, Tuesday is the cheapest day to depart. And you’ll save even more if you return on a Friday.

Choose Your Flight Preferences At The Gate
Don’t pre-pay to pick your seat in advance. Instead, ask the agent at the check-in counter to place you in a preferred spot. They have a lot of power. If you’re polite, they will often accommodate your request.

Take A Cab Only When You Need One
Before you leave for the airport, call your hotel and ask if they provide complimentary ground transportation. A lot of hotels often have shuttle services—either running between the hotel and major airports.

Weigh Your Carry-on Bag Prior To Leaving
If you are flying a cheaper airline, this is the best route to go. A lot of low-cost airlines limit the total weight of your carry-on items, which makes it best for you to check these limits before you pack.

If the total sum of your carry-on weight exceeds airline allowance, buy additional bag allowance in advance. If you wait until you’re at the gate, you will most likely be required to pay tripleoften pay triple.

Ask About Your Hotel’s WiFi Policy
Make sure your hotel offers free WiFi. If they don’t, it may be cheaper to add hotspot capabilities to your phone instead of paying the hotel to use their Internet.

Be Wary Of Hotel Room Goodies
Make sure the water bottle on the bedside table is actually complimentary before you take a drink. Also, avoid the mini bar as they are mostly overpriced, but some hotels will even charge you a restocking fee.

Eat Breakfast Outside
A high percentage of hotels offer complimentary breakfast. But if a complimentary breakfast isn’t included with your stay, skip it altogether. Avoid paying for breakfast at hotels due to hidden higher prices on early morning menus.

However, a lot of hotels offer great deals at dinner since there are so many restaurant options available and they have to compete on both quality and price if they want your business.



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