Seven Things HR Personnel Won’t Tell You About Salaries

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If you’re negotiating for a salary increase be it with a potential employer, your current boss or the HR personnel of your company, it is essential you have a number of things in mind —keep these expert tips in mind.

Think Before Accepting A Salary
When it comes to salaries, there is a need for you to find a solution early. When it comes to salary increase, some companies will try to lock you in early. At an interview, they may say the budget for this position is 40 to 45,000 Naira. If you accept. They have you stuck in that little area.

Everything Is Negotiable
This includes your salary and raise. A lot of potential candidates are presented with a job offer and salary that they are not comfortable with but most are too afraid to ask for more.

You May Not Be That Great
While you may think you are great at your job and deserve a higher salary, HR, actually know the truth. A lot of people are not too good at their jobs we know the truth. And the truth is, a lot of you aren’t very good at your jobs, and you’re definitely not and not many people deserve the salary increase they want.

Negotiate During The Interview
It is significantly harder to negotiate a salary increase after you have been hired than it is during the interview process. Inquire about the industry standards and more specifically, standards for your region before you make requests for more vacation time, travel expenses, professional development training, flex time, working from home, or moving costs.

Never Have People Negotiate On Your Behalf
There are two problems with having someone negotiate on your behalf. Firstly, HR can’t negotiate with someone who’s not you and the person negotiating on your behalf is not the one to do the job!

Ask For More Than You Want
Negotiations involve some back-and-forth, not simply a yes or no. HR expects you to leave some wiggle room to ‘concede’ to what you really want.  Collect enough information ahead of time to know you aren’t selling yourself short.

Know The Right Time To Ask For A Raise
People in HR will NEVER tell you when it is the right time to ask for a raise in your salary. This is a job that you must do when you are looking for the appropriate moment for your salary increase to be accepted.

There are a number of circumstances in a company that, regardless of work performance, will determine if you will get a raise or not. For instance, if the company had a decrease in sales for a couple of months, it will affect your call for a raise.  Finding the right time to ask for a raise is key to being able to achieve it successfully.



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