You Probably Never Knew These Two Body Parts Of Yours Never Stop Growing

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The Human body is a work of art that marvels scientists but not very many people know that they have body parts that just never stops growing till the day they die!

Yes. You heard us right. After your parents have ticked off the last mark on your childhood growth chart, and you have stopped outgrowing shoes, or you have left behind the horrors of puberty, chances are you may think it’s safe to claim that you’ve “stopped growing.”

That is false however, as there are two significant parts of your body that apparently doesn’t stop growing. Once the growth of the rest of your body has slowed to a stop, your nose and your ears continue increasing in size.

You are probably wondering how your nose and ears continue to grow differently from the rest of your body. Scientifically, the multiplication of our cells drives the growth of our bodies. Most cells in our body stopped multiplying at puberty.

However, when the cells throughout our bodies, such as bone, muscle, and fat cells, stop duplicating, we stop growing. This doesn’t mean that cells themselves can’t get larger (they can; it’s how we build muscle) or shrink (they can; it’s how we burn fat). But most of them stop dividing, and in most parts of our body, “the number of cells is ‘locked in’” after puberty.

Our noses and ears are however unique when compared to the rest of our bodies because they are composed of soft tissue enveloped in cartilage. And it’s this soft tissue that keeps growing throughout our entire lives.

When you look at someone that when they clock the age of 75 and compare with when they were 20, you will realise that they actually have more cells in their ears and nose and that may explain why some older people seem to have larger ears and noses.

Furthermore, it has little to do with “drooping” due to gravity, as noses and ears grow up as well as down. If you’re wondering why hair and nails don’t stop growing, it is because Hair and nail growth, are genetic and differs for everyone.

For instance, baldness is hereditary, while continued ear and nose growth is consistent, which makes the situation of hair and nails different.



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