Five Beer Cocktails That Will Change The Way You See Beer

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On a hot day, very little things compare to cracking open a cold beer and quenching your thirst; while chugging the heat away. Beer is great on its own but do you know that you can also make it a staple in your cocktails regime?

You may have heard of a Boilermaker or a Michelada, but when it comes to beer cocktails, those classics are just the tip of the refreshment iceberg. Here are five beer cocktails that will change the next cold bottle you take.

Chocolate Stout Frapp-Brew-ccino
You may have come across different beer and wine menus, but this chocolate Frapp-Brew-ccino will make you see things differently. Using an espresso stout, chocolate chips, coffee and other sweet and tasty ingredients, the Chocolate Stout Frapp-Brew-ccino is an adult dessert packed with an energy boost.

Manly Deeds Womanly Words
You don’t have to make your Beer cocktails contain low levels of alcohol. By combining rum, bourbon and amaro with a healthy two-ounce pour of India pale ale, Manly Deeds Womanly Words is not a drink for the faint of heart.

With ingredients ranging from honey to bitter digestifs, this beer cocktail contains the best of flavours. If you’re the adventurous type, this is definitely one drink you should try.

The Sour Cherry Shandy
This cocktail is in season at the moment and is the tart cousin of the more common table cherry. It is a joy to eat in pies, jams and—if you’re a beer lover—this take on the Shandy.

You can switch out lemon juice for lime, and this drink combines the tartness of cherries and citrus with the sweetness of cane sugar and Cointreau, an orange liqueur, for a balance of sour and sweet.

If you can get your hands on all these key ingredients (some are hard to find), get ready to give your taste buds an entirely new experience.

Campari Ipa Spritzer
There’s nothing wrong with holding on to a bit of bitterness in your glass of beer. The Campari IPA Spritzer takes one of the star components of favourite cocktails like the Negroni and Boulevardier and combines it with a hoppy, high-ABV brew for an aperitif without the pretense.

Strawberry-lemon Radler
Strawberries have the ability to always do you right. The Strawberry-Lemon Radler is no exception. It is composed of wheat beer, and the cocktail hangs on the lighter side of the ABV spectrum, making it perfect for day-time drinking.

The radler is a combination of lemonade and beer, and it can be made with almost any fruit but for summer drinking, strawberries are your best option.



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