Five Foods That Changes The Taste Of Your Mouth

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There are a number of regular foods that you most likely know, has the ability to change the taste of your mouth. Some of these include grapefruit and salt, but what about yogurt and chocolate?

Artichokes sweeten water
A chemical in the vegetable called cynarin latches on to sweet receptors on your tongue without activating them. If you drink water after eating 
artichokes, the cynarin molecules wash away from the receptors. This sudden release simulates a sensation of sweetness, though it’s only a phantom taste.

Yogurt hampers chocolate
Yogurt has an acidic pH (4), and when you eat chocolate and it’s basic compounds enter this acidic environment, they dissolve and lose their characteristic flavour.

The same loss in taste occurs if you bite into chocolate after eating yogurt. Despite the fact that your saliva’s pH slightly buffers the effect, you will find out that the chocolate will lose its characteristic flavour.

Salt blocks grapefruit’s tartness
While it may sound odd, but salting grapefruit sweetens it. The fruit has both bitter and sweet compounds. Salt blocks the bitter compounds, allowing sweet flavors to be more detectable.

Pine nuts cause metal mouth
In what has been referred to as “pine mouth” by some expert nutritionists, certain people may experience a consistent metallic taste within 12 to 48 hours of consuming pine nuts, found in pesto and many salads.

While the reason for the phenomenon is unclear, it can happen to those who have never had an adverse reaction. It is not an allergy and does not involve mold, and it doesn’t matter how many pine nuts are consumed. Sugar may enhance the bitterness. The condition is however not considered dangerous.

Vinaigrette throws wine off-kilter
Salad is difficult to pair with wine 
because your taste buds adapt to the sourness of vinaigrette. After eating it, you will be able to detect only sourness that’s higher in concentration than that of the salad dressing.

Many wines depend on a delicate balance of sweet and sour, but after your taste buds adapt to vinaigrette, you will taste only a seemingly overbearing sweetness in the wine.



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