Want To Make A Burger? Avoid These Five Cooking Mistakes

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Irrespective of how skilled you think you may be, grilling and making a burger may have you looking like an amateur; especially if you fail to follow certain cooking rules.

Burgers and hot dogs usually seem simple enough — unless you’re the one manning the grill. If you are at the helm of affairs, standing at the grates, spatula in hand, you know all too well how challenging it can be to make a truly great burger.

Burgers are usually edible no matter what, but to make one that’s truly memorable, there are a few things you need to keep in mind, because it’s all too easy to make mistakes without even realizing it. Here are five common mistakes you should do all you can to avoid.

Don’t buy cheap, frozen or lean beef.
If more than a few people will be eating your burger, you may quite understandably want to go for a bargain. But if you are grilling burgers for you and a select few, go for the good stuff.

Get freshly ground beef, with at least 20 percent fat, because you can taste the difference between grass-fed beef and the conventional, grain-fed ones.

Don’t Be Scared of The Heat
Burgers like heat — high heat. If it seems like they are starting to burn, turn it down. But if not, go with hot.

Don’t Cut into The Burger To Check for Doneness
Cutting into a burger to test for doneness is the best way to ruin your effort. All the juices come running out. This is even worse than smashing it with a spatula. Doing this is like saying you want the driest burger on the planet.

The longer you practice, the more easily you can determine a burgers’ doneness, but until then follow this guide: for medium rare, you want a a lightly springy feel at the touch. And for well done, just let it cook.

Don’t Add Too Much Into The Mix
Know that burgers are already perfect as they are. Adding onions, herbs or sauces to the meat will only help to reduce their great taste. Adding ingredients means having to overwork the meat, warming up the fat in the burger which emulsifies it and makes the meat rubbery.

No one wants a rubbery burger, especially with onions and herbs in it. Instead, lightly shape the burgers, top with a little salt and leave it alone.

Never Forget To Put a Divot in between
It’s common for people to want to form a burger into a perfect patty, but doing so doesn’t account for the shrinking and expanding that happens to the meat as it cooks.

Instead, shape the burger into a patty, then push a dimple into the center. Doing this will help to create a perfectly flat burger when cooked making it easy for toppings to stay in place when eating it.



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