Here Are Seven Things You Can Clean With An Old Toothbrush

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A lot of people tend to clean things in their house and offices with sponges, cloths, dusters and vacuums but sometimes the most effective tool for cleaning is an old toothbrush.

If you recently changed your toothbrush and you’re thinking of thrashing the old one, hold on and read through for seven things you can clean with it.

Computer Keyboards
Computer keyboards are typically dusty and they may even harbour crumbs or other debris lurking around the keys. Clean, soft and dry toothbrushes are perfect for cleaning these areas.

Unplug the keyboard from the computer or, if it’s a laptop, unplug the laptop. Turn the keyboard onto its side and gently brush around the keys into a trashcan or sink. Do not use any type of water or liquid on a computer keyboard.

Using a toothbrush to get into your fridge’s plastic shelves with grooves is the best way to clean any hard-to-reach areas of your refrigerator. The same goes for the rubber seal between the door and the main part of the fridge where dust, grime and crumbs can gather.

Stove Tops
The coarse bristles and size of a toothbrush makes it a perfect tool for cleaning stubborn, hard-to-reach places in the home like stove tops.

Grime can quickly build up on stoves, and you can clean them off by applying some dishwashing liquid to a toothbrush and using small circular motions to buff away the dirt. However, be sure to rinse and wipe clean with a cloth.

To keep the grout that lies in between tiles looking fresh, use old toothbrushes to scrub a solution of bleach and water along the grout to remove any stains.

The goo hiding behind and around the base of your faucet is a good habitat for Mildew and bacteria. Employ the use of old toothbrushes, with a mixture of soap and water, to thoroughly clean faucets.

Upholstery And Carpet Stains
A toothbrush can be used to tackle small but stubborn stains on carpets and upholstery. Apply some stain remover to the spot and scrub off with bristles. Scrub in circular motions to loosen the stain and repeat until it is gone.

Remove Crayon Stains From The Wall
If your kids, nephews or nieces have been using the walls as a canvas again, a quick tip to remove crayon marks is to load a toothbrush with some shaving foam or toothpaste, apply to the crayon marks, and buff them away. You can wipe the surface with a paper towel.



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