I Just Need A Sapphire Scent, Nothing More

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I Just Need a Sapphire Scent, Nothing More

I Just Need A Sapphire Scent, Nothing More – By Lawal Ayomipo

Yesterday I and my guy; Nobs, went out to do what we like to do sometimes: products hunting. Boom! Colognes- in a minute we were driving around bumping to Eldee’s big boy!

After much deliberations on which store to pop up at, we ended up driving to the Lennox mall which is off admiralty way to see what Saphhire Scents had to offer. After all, we needed to know whether the social media buzz was just a floating hype or actually a set reality.

Get a seat Peeps! Because you might just be blown away just like we were when we stepped in. With a camera in hand and Nobs being his usual jolly sef (trust me: he is a cracker ball all the time!), we strolled in and got our eyes feasting straight away. The intricate setting coupled with a scent that practically made us feel like we were transported to a garden of flowers (guess the diffusers gets the credit for that)

We got schooled on the different colognes and you should know i definitely would get you on board. The store had 20 different colognes and oils which last up to 24 hours and more.  They are:

  • Opulence
  • Sapphire Number 5
  • Epiphany
  • Grandeur
  • Jagaban
  • 48 hours
  • GQ
  • De ja vu
  • Oud Magnifique
  • Coffee
  • Symphony
  • Ivy
  • Ace
  • Ruby
  • Salsa
  • Arewa
  • Desire
  • Enigma
  • Goddess
  • Chocolate

Fun fact; did you know perfume oils last longer than perfume sprays. Specifically, perfumes oils can last for up to 48 hours. Amazing stuff right?

Favorites? Personally, i was torn between enigma and Jagaban. I really liked enigma because of the notes which were; amber,oud,citrus and vanilla.  I liked jagaban because i mean, why else? i’m a jagaban (well in my head). It wasn’t so strong, so it was great for those moments of “real men move in silence”. I ended up getting the 3ml jagaban oil for 10,000 Naira, which was coincidentally their best seller and oh! Epiphany. The best part, was when i woke up this morning and i could still smell the cologne on the shirt i wore yesterday and that’s pretty awesome stuff.

Nobs spotted some scented beard oils (as a member of the beard gang) and actually bought it for 15,000 Naira.

Rate the experience? Can i give it a ten? Hahaha! My experience in all honesty was a good one. The staff were very friendly, welcoming and answered most of the questions we had. The ambiance inside the store was fantastic, very easy to locate, great prices, great products. Ill definitely recommend sapphire scents to anyone who is interested in standing out when you step out.

I almost forgot, did i mention the perfume and perfume oils were all unisex? Looking for a great gift for him (or her) you should visit their store.





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