Six Foods You Should Never Store In The Freezer

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Your freezer is a great tool for planning ahead and preparing meals for days that you will be so busy and won’t have time to prepare a full course meal.

However, the freezer is not ideal for all types of foods and storing the wrong foods in the freezer can lead to gross meals or even health risks.

Soft cheeses
Storing soft cheeses in the freezer will yield a similar result to storing milk there. When you decide to eat them, you will be left with watery lumps, which often ruins the texture of foods like cream cheese and sour cream.

Raw Vegetables And Fruits
Any vegetable or fruit that has a high water concentration such as cucumber, salad greens, and watermelon will not survive the freezer because the water inside quickly forms ice crystals. What that means is when you decide to thaw them, you will most likely be left with a mushy and inedible mess.

Storing milk in the freezer can make it separate into chunks and watery parts when thawed. While it will be safe to eat and drink, it definitely won’t provide the best consistency for your cereals, coffee or tea.

Potatoes have a high water content, so after being stored in the freezer, you could be left with a mushy, soft potato. If you’re cooking a meal with potatoes and you’re hoping to freeze the leftovers, you can go ahead.

Cooked potatoes won’t be as mushy, when compared to when you freeze them raw. The change in texture won’t matter too much in cooked casseroles or stews.

Fried foods
Sorry, leftover fried plantain, yam or potatoes will lose all their crunch if you put the leftovers into the freeze.

A lot of us surely don’t enjoy soft, mushy fried foods and if you’re planning to make a batch of fried chicken to store in the freezing compartment, it’s better you Skip the fryer and opt to bake the meal in the oven first.

Eggs Still In Their Shell
Putting eggs that are still in the shell into the freezer is something you should avoid. The water content inside the egg expands when frozen, which can cause the outer shell to crack and be vulnerable to bacteria.

If you want to freeze your eggs, always take them out of the shell, beat until they’re well blended and store in an airtight container with a label.



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