Five Types Of Chocolates That Have Unbelievable Benefits

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You can now justify your chocolate addiction as there are some super-healthy bars that contain unbelievable health benefits. They’re practically superfoods and you can thank us after you have had a bite.

Sweet Riot Dark Chocolate with Coconut
Every woman deserves a free pass when it comes to eating chocolate during their periods. But did you know that some nutrients, like vitamin B6, are believed to ease PMS symptoms, and the Sweet Riot Dark Chocolate with Coconut actually has this built in!

Dark chocolate that really tastes good is hard to come by. And this one contains magnesium and B6, which is great for PMS. The coconut twist adds a satisfying, healthy fat too. Coconut is also one of the foods you should eat for healthy hair.

Old Dog Ranch Chocolate Walnut Butter
If you’re someone who loves licking the batter-covered spoon after you’ve made dessert (come on, who doesn’t?), the Old Dog Ranch Chocolate Walnut Butter is the sweet for you. This chocolate has been compared to brownie batter. Walnuts are a great plant source of omega-3s, Pair with an apple for a match made in heaven.

SunBiotics Probiotic Chocolate Hearts
The SunBiotics Probiotic Chocolate Hearts are chocolate that’s good for your gut! They contain only eight calories per chocolate heart, and this makes them good for your immune system, your appetite, and even your weigh.

Rule Breaker Brownies
You may be turned off by the thought of bean-filled confections, but as it turns out, they are even more delicious than the processed ones you’re used to.

A brownie made with beans, like the Rule Breaker Brownies are totally addicting, as itt also contains fiber—3 grams per brownie—from chickpeas and super clean ingredients. That’s the same amount of fiber as a medium-sized banana!

Aloha Superfood Chocolate
It’s unlikely that you’ve ever associated chocolate with a superfood, but the Aloha Superfood Chocolate proves that it’s possible for them to be one and the same.

This chocolate is made with powerhouse foods like spinach, peas, beet juice, wheatgrass juice, berries, and spirulina. Spirulina may not be a part of your everyday diet, but it’s a protein and a nutrient jackpot.



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