Football Leaks Claim Sergio Ramos Twice Broke The Anti-doping Rules

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German newspaper ‘Der Spiegel’ has claimed that information obtained via ‘Football Leaks’ states that Sergio Ramos failed a doping test following the 2017 Champions League final.

In addition, on one further occasion Ramos reportedly obstructed the administration of another test, and that both events have been covered up by UEFA.

Ramos’ sample from Cardiff was analysed in a laboratory in Austria, where the suspect findings occured and it was deemed that the defender tested positive for dexamethasone.

“The Austrians had analyzed the sample and found that it contained traces of dexamethasone, a cortisone preparation that has an anti-inflammatory effect in addition to relieving pain,” said ‘Der Spiegel’.

“It also increases cognition and concentration and can have a euphoric effect. And it is on the list kept by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) of substances that are prohibited in competition.

“The dexamethasone-case has never before been made public and the file remains behind lock-and-key at UEFA. No disciplinary action was taken, neither against the player nor against the team doctor from Real Madrid, despite all of the anomalies in the case.

“Indeed, the way in which UEFA swept the case under the rug shines a rather unflattering light on the anti-doping fight in top-level European football.”



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