Five Disposable Items You Should Stop Buying To Save More Money

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By switching from disposable to reusable baggies, bottles, towels, jars, and more, you will be able to save money—and the environment.

Coffee cups
Next time you stop for coffee, bring along your own thermos or mug. Some places, like Starbucks, sell cheap ones in-store that you can bring back to reuse, while others will lend you a mug if you aren’t taking it to go.

While you can’t take it with you like a disposable paper cup, it is actually a good thing. There’s nothing wrong with sticking around for five to ten minutes and not always being on the run. You get to take a breather and meet someone new or take in your surroundings.

Water bottles
Millions of plastic bottles go to landfills every year, and they can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade. Beyond the eco-friendly reasons to switch to a reusable water bottle, it also saves you money.

Most tap water is perfectly safe to drink, and even investing in a filtration system saves cash. That filtered water will taste even better from a reusable bottle. Not only are you saving money, but you’re saving the environment and keeping your drinks cold for hours.

Zip-top Bags
Plastic disposable baggies are incredibly convenient because they’re easy to tuck in a lunchbox or purse. But after one use, they are fodder for a landfill heap.

Using just two a week means throwing out more than 100 baggies—plus the money you spend on them—a year. And sending your kids to school with those bags every day makes the numbers add up even faster.

Instead, use a reusable baggie like (re)zip, which are more durable but just as lightweight and compact as a disposable Ziploc.

Billions of straws are used on a daily basis worldwide—that’s a lot of plastic going into landfills! If you like sipping your beverages through a straw, switch to a reusable glass, metal, or bamboo straw.

Even if you stock reusable straws at home, you can’t control restaurants that deliver a straw for every drink and refill, whether you use it or not. But you can ask your server not to leave any when you get your drinks.

Paper Towels
A 36-pack of microfiber cloths will cost you just a few bucks more than a 12-pack of paper towels, but it will last you way longer. You can wash a microfiber cloth, so you won’t need to replace them after every use.

More so, the fibers won’t leave lint behind, which makes cleaning easier. It has a positive charge that picks up dust and dirt, which has a negative charge. They attract the dust and dirt, unlike a paper towel, where you’re just kind of wiping it.

Coffee filters
A simple way to be conscious of waste is switching out even just one item in your kitchen. A drip coffee maker can use a reusable filter instead of disposable paper ones. Pick up a reusable K-Cup, and fill it with your favourite coffee.



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