Five Household Items You Never Knew You Can Reuse

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Your household is home to a number of items that you probably use once and then discard but you may be shocked to know that you can reuse some of those items. All you need to do is rinse, wash, and reuse.

Give Dryer Sheets A Second Chance
Dryer sheets are just as effective when cut in half and can be reused at least once. What that means is that you have four loads of laundry for the price of one!

Use Coffee Filters More Than Once
Most coffee filters can be reused at least four or five times before they stop working effectively. You can put them to use in a number of other extraordinary ways or simply rinse off the filter, allow it to dry, and reuse.

Re-steep your tea bags
One teabag contains enough tea to make two cups or even three or four. To get the most for your brew, continuously steep your tea in a teapot on the stove.

If you only drink one cup in the morning, you can place your used teabag in the refrigerator and re-purpose it later in the day to relax your eyes. Cool teabags do wonders for eye puffiness and irritation.

Bake Cookies Without Having To Do Thorough Cleanup
Do you have a birthday party coming up? You can bake multiple batches of cookies on the same piece of parchment paper. A lot of brands are oven safe up to 450 degrees—and as long as there’s nothing stuck to the paper that could easily burn, it’s safe to reuse.

Clean Swiffer Dusters
The pads that attach to the bottom of your Swiffer don’t have to go in the trash the minute you are done with your chores. Fill your sink with warm water and soap, and swish the duster around to ready it for a second use.

Roll the pad into a power towel to eliminate any extra moisture. Allow to air dry before putting it to use again.



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