Here Is Why You Should Stop Using Straw To Sip Your Drinks

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Before you mindlessly stick a straw in your iced tea, beverage or soft drink, consider that single-use plastics are having a devastating impact on marine life.

If you’re keen about protecting and saving marine wildlife, you can start with cutting back on something you probably use everyday—plastic drinking straws. Plastic drinking straws are among many single-use plastic products contributing to the devastating loss of marine life.

According to Ecocycle, Americans use more than 500 million straws daily, and they can’t be recycled. That means plastic straws end up in landfills or oceans, where fish and other marine wildlife mistake the small bits for food and ingest them.

Along with stopping the use of straws, there is an urgent need to educate consumers on the dangers of other single-use plastic items such as grocery bags and water bottles.

While many people the world over use these plastic products in their daily life, there are more sustainable alternatives that can help protect the environment.

Ecocycle recommends the use of straws made from stainless steel, glass, and even bamboo instead of plastic. You can buy a number of these environmentally friendly straws online and in stores.

Along with quitting your straw habit, you can further help the environment by taking a pledge to stop your use of single-use coffee cups, checkout bags, bottled water, and polystyrene to-go containers. Instead, take advantage of any number of alternative reusable products, including stainless steel water bottles and reusable grocery totes.

Need another reason to stop sipping from straws? According to celebrity esthethican Renée Rouleau, using straws can cause wrinkles.

In an interview with Marie Claire, Roulealu revealed that when drinking out of a straw, “the movement of the mouth area that you have to make will encourage the breakdown of collagen and elasticity more quickly, causing unnecessary wrinkles and lines.”

By stopping the use of straws, you will not only avoid wrinkles and lines, but you will also be saving the environment and aiding marine life.



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