Seven Things You Should Know Before You Take Another Selfie

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It’s the festive season and selfies are in full blast but do you know some of the amazing stories behind that selfie you are about to take?

They Are Not Acceptable Everywhere
There has been a growing ban on selfie-taking, specifically when using selfie-sticks as tools. Disneyland’s Paris, Hong Kong, and American theme parks have forbidden the use of selfie sticks on their premises.

The Palace Museum in Beijing and the Sistine Chapel in Italy have done the same. Even festivals like Lollapalooza in Chicago and Coachella in California have called for a halt. It looks like visitors will have to document their fun the old fashioned way: by extending their arms.

They Aren’t Always What They Seem
The purpose of a self-portrait is to reflect your true self in a moment worth capturing. Sadly, it seems online selfies, more often than not, don’t actually portray reality.

According to a recent survey, as much as 68 percent of selfie-takers admitted to editing their photos before sharing online. This number is up from 48 percent of people who admitted to doctoring their selfies in 2014, suggesting that the pressure to appear perfect has only increased.

They Are Also Taken in Space
Everyone loves an exotic selfie, but it turns out that astronauts in space also do. Believe it or not, multiple selfies have been taken in outer space. The first selfie taken in space can be credited to Buzz Aldrin during the Gemini 12 mission in 1966.

Women Take More Than Men
In every city analyzed, it was discovered that women take more selfies than men but the differences greatly vary by area. In Bangkok, women take 55.2 percent of all selfies, which isn’t that much more than men.

However, In New York, women take 61.6 percent of selfie snaps, which is considerable. Moscow, by contrast, has the greatest disparity, with women taking a whopping 82 percent of all selfies! It seems Russian men don’t have much interest in documenting their own reflection.

They Can Provide Good Content For Books
If you’re a writer and you’ve been suffering from writers block, you can simply take a cue from Kim Kardashian and just fill your novel with selfies.

In May of 2015, Kardashian published a book called Selfish, which is 448 pages long and comprised entirely of her favorite selfies. Sound absurd? Apparently not. The book later became a New York Times bestseller!

It’s a Sport For Young People
As might be expected, selfies are especially enjoyed by the millennial generation. The average age of selfie-takers is 23.6. However, this average may soon take a dip, as preteens are gaining momentum, snapping more digital self-portraits every year.

They’re All About The Hashtag
As selfies have grown in popularity over the last few years, the corresponding hashtag has remained their official label and link. According to Instagram, the first ever photo captioned with “#selfie” was uploaded by a Jennifer Lee on January 16, 2011.

Since then, Instagram has had over 227 million self-portraits posted with the same hashtag—and that number grows by the minute.



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