Six Tips That Can Help You Cut Down On Your Alcohol Intake

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Asides special occasions, it is important that you control and limit the quantity of alcohol you consume to the level associated with optimal health: up to two drinks per day for men, one for women.

Never Drink Alone
there are a lot of times when drinking a glass of wine all by yourself is appropriate but you need to avoid it for the discipline. If you learn to drink alone, it makes it too easy to begin drinking in excessive amounts.

Never Drink For Solace
The old stereotype is to see downtrodden businessman, sitting at the bar, necktie yanked down, clothes disheveled, muttering, “Pour me another one, bartender.”

To cut down on unnecessary consumption, drink for joy, not for pain. Drink to feel alive, not to feel dead.

Reduce The Time You Spend In Bars
One good way to reduce your alcohol consumption is to meet friends, dates, or business associates at a coffee bar, instead of a tavern.

If the point of the get-together is fun, casual conversation in a friendly, loose environment, there are many ways to do that without the alcohol. You can also choose to meet in bistro-style restaurants, bowling alleys, and even sushi bars.

Watch Sport Events At Home
One sure way to cut down on your alcohol intake is to watch sporting events with friends at your home or theirs. A night at a sports bar will almost guarantee you consuming more than you bargained for. How can you resist the temptation to guzzle beer in a room filled with beer guzzlers?

Never Have A Habitual Drink
You know what we mean: “Seven o’clock, time for my martini.” “Friday night, time to hit the bar with the gang and have my weekly margaritas.” Think through your week to see if you have a specific drinking routine or habit. If yes, commit to finding a substitute for it.

Replace The Habit With A Better One
Choose a pleasant substitution for your after-work drink. It could be a nonalcoholic drink, like ice tea or a fruit smoothie. Alternatively, it could be a walk, or a hot bath. Do this for two weeks until it becomes your new habit.



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