Want A Great Selfie? Follow These Four Tips For Great Pictures

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Camon X selfie

Have you ever wondered why your friends are able to take great selfies but every time you try, your pictures are skewed and a little less to be desired? Worry no more and follow the following tips to take enviable pictures.

Check your lighting
Keep in mind that during sunrise and sunset, colours will be warm and golden. More so, the position of the sun during this time creates interesting shadows that will add to your photo.

It however doesn’t always have to be sunny for you to capture that postcard perfect photo. Overcast or rainy weather can give a more dramatic backdrop for your pictures.

Shooting in bad storms can always give interesting results, but you can use light that is bright overcast, open shadow, or even a bit of fog. For technical reasons, the small sensor in the iPhone will handle this light best.

Shoot with the sun behind you
The sun will light up your entire subject in a flattering way if you shoot with the sun behind you. However, if your focal point is a person, avoid direct sunlight on your subject. Direct sunlight can cause unattractive shadows, as well as squinting.

Keep your phone stable
If you don’t have a tripod, hold your smartphone with your left hand and release the shutter with your right thumb. The camera shutter is only released when you take your thumb off of the camera button.

Keep this function in mind, and try not to move your phone until after you’ve released the button and the photo appears in your photo stream.

Download a photo app
The app Pro HDR X is specifically designed for taking landscape pictures on the iPhone and Android devices. This is because it combines multiple different exposures of the same image into one perfectly exposed photo.

Alternatively, in manual mode you can select the exposure by hand. However, there’s one catch. Because photos take a little longer to take than on the regular camera app, you may need a tripod to keep your smartphone perfectly still.



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