Five new Steam games you probably missed

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Steam is an ever-changing platform that can be hard to follow when it comes to watching for new releases and games that have been added to the store. Every week, more games come in from popular and lesser-known development teams and often are missed.

So we’re going to show you five games that you might have been missed by you, you never know there could be something there for you!

We’d love to cover other sites, like Betway (which you should absolutely check out), but for this one we’ll just cover Steam.

Wolfquest: Anniversary Edition

You may remember the original Wolfquest game if you were an avid gamer back in 2007. This is a complete remake of that.

Although in early access, this wolf simulation game has compiled a pretty great “very positive” score on the steam store.

If you’ve ever wanted to be a wolf, this remaster of the “realistic ecological simulation” classic may make you think again. With all new graphics, a clear quest line and fun, free-roam gameplay. Wolfquest is a game that should not have been kept under the radar.

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition

Another classic, that’s right, Age of Empires. A game that took up so much free time for lots of people, and probably still does.

Released this week comes the Definitive Edition of Age of Empires with a remaster of visuals in a stunning 4k resolution, 8 person multiplayer and lots of other great features to try out.

The series itself was hugely popular back in the day, with a whole host of games coming out spanning around 20 years of the franchise. If you love strategy games or simply remember the nostalgia of playing the early Age of Empires series, this may be worth a look.

Ion Fury

From the creators of Duke Nukem, Max Payne and Prey comes Ion Fury. A first person shooter inspired by classics like Duke Nukem 3D & Shadow Warrior, this game is sure to give you a rush of nostalgia fit for any gamer.

If you enjoyed the old run and gun style games that you can just jump into when and where you get time, Ion Fury may be able to provide.


RAD is a 3D action game with a truly intriguing and mesmerising graphics and gameplay style. From publishers Bandai Namco comes RAD, this game would be a great addition to any gamer who enjoys a “run and gun” style game that makes you feel like you’re in an arcade.

The graphics style uses bright neon colors while keeping everything clear and easy to look at, the colors used are that of the mid to late 80s, you should expect to see bright purples, greens and blues.


For those who are looking for a more relaxing gaming experience with an artistic twist, FlowScape allows you to craft your own nature scene through painting.

Although not so much a “gaming experience”, it’s definitely an escape from reality allowing you to build your own world and design all that is within it.

Flowscape uses beautiful graphics with an easy to use user-interface to make life easy for you when creating.

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