360Interviews: Exclusive Interview With The Vocally Talented NK Maduforo

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Still Buzzing on her newly released song “Brand New” which is gradually going places, Checkout ‘NK Maduforo’ exclusive interview with 360NoBs.


1. You go by the (stage?)name NK Maduforo. We are just wondering, is NK an acronym?

Lol…no it isn’t. My full name is Nkiruka and as is often the case, my name has been shortened over the years. It started with being called ‘Nkiru’ and then some family and friends call me ‘Nki’. It has finally evolved to NK. I certainly don’t want it shortened any further…lol.

2. You have just released a catchy new single titled ‘Brand New‘ . We love, love, love the video. Can you let us into your world and brand of music please? Where do you get your inspiration from?

Thank you for loving the video. Sure…with pleasure. I am a very lyrical song writer and in addition to being creative, i like music to have a message delivered with nice melody. My inspiration comes from the Creator himself. I am inspired when i look at creation, hear the birds sing and the leaves rustle. I am inspired by love in its purest form. It’s like being given endless things to write and sing about every time i look around. I am also inspired by my experiences. The process is as important to me as the result if not more. So no part of a journey can be discarded.

3. What message do you want listeners to get from your music and specifically from ‘Brand New’?

‘Brand New’ is a celebration. A burst of excitement at being found; a new beginning. It’s a song that offers hope to the listeners. It doesn’t shy away from the dark things one can go through but it comes with hope that newness is bursting which brings light, joy and freedom.

4. Is ‘Brand New’ a stand alone project or is it a part of a wider project? Should we be on the look out for an album?

‘Brand New’ is my first single from a bigger project. It’s like a forerunner, so, i would say keep your eyes and ears on this space.

5. What are your career goals and what specific goal have you assigned for this career?

It’s my goal to always have a message with the music and to put out good music, so help me God. My specific goal is to be an Ambassador for the kingdom with no end through my music and my life.

6. What was starting up like for you?

For me, I write down things i want to do or things i am directed to do and i do them by God’s grace. This approach requires patience but i believe good things come to those who wait.

7. Being in the industry would you say there is some form of pressure on you to want to do more or back out. Also how challenging would you say it has been for you, being that you are a lady?

Hmmm…the world is certainly full of some form of pressure or the other but one can make a conscious effort to be free of industry pressure and just do your own thing at your own pace. I guess it depends ultimately on who you report to and what their expectation of you is. Once that is clear, then you can run with that. With regards to things being challenging especially being a lady, i am blessed to be supported lovingly by my hubby and my relationship with God makes difficult issues appear surmountable.

8. A little birdie tells us that you like African-inspired fashion which is quite the trend these days. Tell us how you incorporated this into your single background video.

Lol…the little birdie is right. I have always loved African-inspired fashion even before it became a thing so yes, it definitely had to make its way into my work. I like ankara a lot so the fabric used for my skirt is an ankara fabric. We also used some African pieces to accessorise the look. I am always at home with this kind of fashion.

9. We listened to ‘Brand New’ and it is inspirational and motivational. You look really happy in the video. What do you do to relax?

I love to chill with my family. I also like to read…a lot. In addition, I enjoy studying the Word with a group of ladies who are more like my sisters. Its a gathering that always leaves me refreshed and relaxed. Having a good chinwag with my female friends is one I always look forward to.

10. Family is very important to you as we have seen. What are your thoughts on the role of women in the family and the society at large?

Women are very important to a family setting and the society at large. A God-fearing woman makes the difference in these settings and is a blessing to everyone around her. She is even better when she is fulfilling destiny and is happy. This certainly spills over to her family and the society at large.

11. So is there anything you would like to say to your fans and listeners?

Welcome to a brand new era. Sit back, relax and enjoy good music! Thank you for being a part of this project. I love you all with the love of Christ.

12. Where can listeners connect with you? Are you active on social media?

Yes I am. It’s @nkmaduforo everywhere. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

‘Brand New’ is out now, so what platforms can it be streamed and downloaded from?

All the major digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon music, YouTube, Spotify, Boomplay, Deezer and CD baby.


The song can be Purchased/Stream Herehttps://fanlink.to/nkmaduforobrandnew

Stream/Watch “NK Maduforo – Brand New (Single Back. Vertical Video)” Below!!

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