360Spotlight: Who is Katermilli?

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The multi-talented songwriter and afro-pidgin rapper/singer Katermilli is a born entertainer with music flowing in his vain. Born with no silver spoon, Katermilli’s story is no different from any other average Nigerian who’s had his own fair share/taste of suffering while growing up. As a child, the talented afro-pidgin rapper started to express his love and affection for music at home by entertaining members of his family with his comic kind of songs “I used to sing for my mom, dad and siblings” He said.

Egom Louis-Kater Odu born on May 13, 1996 in Ikom Town (Komton), Cross River State Nigeria, Katermilli hails from a pedigree of music. His Mother was a vocalist/dancer while His grandfather worked with the Legendary Prince Nico Mbarga who was known for his popular hit single Sweet Mother (which has been described as the best-selling song in history by an African recording artist). Katermilli said His mother, Egom Martina Bessong also hails from a very musical ancestry – his grandmother Juliana Abang a.k.a Julie the body a.k.a information of character started the famous Kokoma dance group in Boki, Cross River State, Nigeria.
A graduate of computer science at Tansian University, Anambra State class of 2016, Katermilli never stopped showcasing his love for music as he was always recording songs and performing in almost every campus event.

Musical Career

Katermilli started pursuing His musical dreams at an early stage though it was on a lighter note. Things got serious at a later stage in life after graduation in 2016. The young star got His first shot at fame when he performed in front of fellow corp member at the Bayelsa State NYSC camp in 2017. In 2019, He got a management deal with a African Pride Production (APP) discovered by the CEO Mr Ijomah Azuka. The talented superstar is an encyclopedia of African sounds consisting of Afrobeat, Afro-pidgin rap, Afro dance, Afropop etc. Managed by Amba Marvin who is under the umbrella of APP, Katermilli has been a revelation to the Afro world with unique and outstanding sounds like Show working, Aunty Lagos, Jonny the traveler, Na Person and Problem all released in 2019. The young star is simply a positive addition to the Nigerian music world.

Currently working on His new project title “Tomorrow”, we expect tomorrow to bring something great for the superstar.

Net Worth

Katermilli net worth is currently unknown. As a fresh act, we believe He should make some cash from record sales, endorsement deals, shows and events soon.

Contact details

Louis-Kater aka Katermilli, is also a very active musician on social media and His social media handles are :
Facebook – facebook.com/katermilli
Twitter – @katermilli
Instagram – @katermilli


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