Are Blue Jeans Fire Resistant?

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When we say FR Pants, it includes almost all types of pants. Therefore yes blue jeans are fire-resistant. But how are they so? Blue jeans can either be treated chemically or manufactured with fire-resistant fibres industrially.

But many are ignorant from the fact that normal blue jeans can be very well made fire-resistant even after its conventional manufacture. These ways are not only used in the industrial process but can very well be used as homemade processes given the ingredients are present in proper measurements.

Variant Borax Process:

In this process, you will need 7lbs borax, 3lbs boric acid, 12 gallons or 45.4L of water. Form a mixture out of these three ingredients in a very big container. While performing the process, whether in factories or at home it must be kept in mind that a pair of jeans is needed to be soaked thus the container should be big enough to soak the entire thing.

If in any case it is found that the pair of blue jeans is not soaked properly, then the process can always be repeated. After it is soaked well enough; don’t meddle with it unless it is entirely dried off.

NFPA Regulation:

Almost all renowned manufacturers use this process. Outlets of companies like FR Outlet Wrangler make their FR blue jeans with the help of this process. In case one is carrying out the process at home 9 oz. of borax powder and 4 oz. of boric acid, along with this you will need 1 gallon or 3.8L of water to carry out the process.

While blending the ingredients, it is necessary to make sure that the mixture has a proper as well as uniform consistency for desired results. Next, you will have to dip in the jeans into the blending or else you can also choose to spray the mixture over the outfit as the process will procure proper results. Lastly, dry it up properly before use.

Alum Method:

This is one of the most used homemade methods. You will need alum and a small amount of hot water mixed in a large pan. Next, almost immediately dip the jeans into. In this case, don’t delay the process for if the water gets cold, you might not receive the desired results. And in case the water loses its warmth, heat the water once again.

Drench the entire pant into that alum water and let it soak for the necessary time and then immediately get hold of a non-dripping basket to carry the blue jeans and let it dry for the needed time. Though you may experience some discomfort due to the stiffness, it will eventually be smoothed with regular use.

Sodium Silicate Procedure:

This is once again primarily an industrial process. If anyone decides to use it as a homemade procedure, he or she has to take proper precautions like using gloves and mask, etc. to avoid any health hazard. In this case, the mixture will contain 1 oz. Sodium Silicate, which is commonly called as the water glass, and 9 oz. of water.

For carrying it out at home, the jeans need to be very well washed and dried before dipping it into this silicate solution. Once the wetting of it is done off very nicely, the blue jeans have to be kept until it gets rid of all the moisture.

Other than these blue jeans can be made fire resistant via Borax and Ammonium Chloride-Ammonium Phosphate Procedures. Thus it can be very satisfactorily claimed that blue jeans’ can always have the fire-resisting property in it.

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