Best Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs in Nigeria

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Freelance is becoming the most convenient type of employment for many people around the world. It opens up not only borders but unlimited possibilities for self-fulfillment as well as decent money. According to Forbes, in 2018, 56.7 million Americans were working online – up 3.7 million from 2014. Freelancing is also very popular in Europe, with 35.5% of the global freelance community. Latin America has 29.2%, while Asia has 28%. The remaining 10.1% of freelancers live on the African continent.

Statistics show that three of the seven highest-paid freelance professions are related to writing. This is not surprising. After all, with the development of the Internet, every single website needs unique texts that have no analogs on the Web. Unicity of the content significantly affects the search results of the website where it is published. Thus, good writing is and will remain among the most important and in-demand skills.


Yet, freelance writers are building up their career gradually. At first they have to work for relatively little money. Statistics for freelancers suggest that 30% of freelance writers make less than $10 per hour during their first year. However, after you gain the necessary knowledge, experience, and clients, your earnings will increase significantly.


If you are a brilliant author who can create professional content, you can make money from your skills. We’ve prepared a list of the best online platforms where you can find freelance writing jobs in Nigeria. This will help you get a general understanding of working opportunities.

  Where You Can Find Content Writing Jobs in Nigeria

Writing is a multifunctional profession. You can write small slogans for ads or large articles on technical topics. It can be copywriting, ghostwriting, guest post writing, etc. Our list of online freelance platforms is an excellent way for creative writers to find work from home jobs in Nigeria and earn money remotely.

1.   Fiverr

This is a global online marketplace that offers a variety of services with a starting price of $5, but experienced freelancers can earn hundreds of dollars a day. The platform is very flexible and offers a variety of the latest freelance jobs, including writing. Many Nigerians use Fiverr to provide services to companies in remote countries for a reasonable fee.

2.   Upwork

Upwork is a global freelance platform that brings together companies and independent professionals from different locations. You can quickly and easily find many remote writing jobs in Nigeria, but first, you will have to complete some online forms to register a profile. Another important detail to be aware of is that Upwork charges freelancers a fee from their payment. However, after a while, you will have enough contracts and offers to earn more, and the cost will be reduced.

3.   Guru

Guru is another freelance marketplace. It seeks to provide copywriters with better jobs and higher salaries. The platform works with bids, meaning that writers show themselves available in the market while buyers make their choice. Guru also gets a percentage of the freelancer’s earnings. The amount depends on the type of membership and can vary from 5% to 10% for each project.

4.   Problogger

This platform is helpful for writers who want to become professional bloggers. The website has a special section with tips and tricks from experienced writers as well as a list of vacancies. After you create an account, the service will guide you through the process of getting the first client, but be ready to pay a certain percentage of your earnings.

5.   Freelance Writing Gigs

This job board is updated every week, and vacancies are grouped into two main sections “Content Writing Jobs” and “Blogging Jobs.” Additionally, you can find a list of approximately 100 websites that will pay you for your writing. So you can gain some experience and improve your writing skills.

6.   Craigslist

If you are looking for online content writing jobs in Nigeria and don’t mind going to the office a few times a week or month, we advise you to use this classified site with the job section. Freelancers can check the listing by location, see details regarding the timeframe and salary, and immediately contact potential employers.

7.   MediaBistro

This job board was designed for those writers who want to find positions in the local media. If you live close to a big city, for instance, Lagos, or some other area covered by this website, we recommend you check these job listings regularly. You can also learn the latest news about the media and find many paid educational options.

  Useful Tips to Find Freelance Writing Job in Nigeria

There are other ways to search for temporary and long-term freelance contracts besides just online platforms. Communication is another key to success. Here are some additional ways to land a freelance writing job:

  Cold pitching

Cold pitching is a short and direct way to get writing gigs. It is a process of contacting bloggers, entrepreneurs, companies, small businesses, startups, and other organizations via email, phone, or direct meetings to convince them to work with you. For instance, you’ve noticed the company doesn’t have a blog, or their blog is not strong enough to attract more readers; you can tell how your content will help to improve the situation.

  Warm pitching

This approach focuses on building relationships with brands and businesses; thus, it will take more time and effort. Here, you will not directly ask to be hired. Instead, you follow the company’s activities, see what they are posting on their websites and blogs, react, and comment when possible. Make them notice you and get interested in your ideas.

  Attend relevant conferences and events

Such events will give you not only useful information but also put you in touch with the right people. But if you want to get a writing job, it’s not enough to say ‘Hello’ and give them your business card. We suggest you to:


  • Find out which companies will be present during the event and who will represent them;

  • Check the brands before attending the event;

  • Select 2-3 people to contact;

  • Think about creative ways for your cooperation in advance;

  • And only then talk to them.

  Wrapping up

Using the tips and most popular websites to search for freelance writing jobs mentioned above, you can definitely succeed. It may be challenging at first, especially for beginners, but it will become easier the more you do it. Your best strategy is to be strong and persistent. Take care of your profile and portfolio, and don’t worry if you fail at your first attempt to land a first freelance writing job. Instead, analyze your work and upgrade yourself. Improve your skills and read more to better understand effective writing.

Authored by Yevheniia Khromova (Career Expert, GCL)




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